and for you, stranger,

and for you, stranger, I am here with curious fingers in this place I have not been for so long -

i don’t remember how to do this, do you? i think you do. i think you sit at your desk with wine, like me, cracking the small bones in your toes and rolling your neck and thinking, oh yes, i’ve got it i’ve got it. i think your glass would drain fast and it would be four in the morning, and maybe you would hear your mom walk to the fridge half asleep to make a sandwich but who knows maybe it would be your sister, or your dad.

did you notice the way i wrote that line? that was an ode to you. i think i learned that from you. i think i’m learning how to copy and thinking you might not notice. i’ll tell you anyway. right now for me it is about imitation and i don’t think you mind, you don’t mind do you? i think you’re a woman with ashy hair but of course i do and so how could you be, how could you be, how could you be.

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I just moved from a two bedroom apartment that was carpeted, had wood paneling on the walls, and barely any natural sunlight. it was cheap and it worked for the year, but danggg can that environment get stuffy! I’ve slowly realized that my surroundings make all the difference when it comes to my moods. the sunshine lights up my room and I honestly never thought I’d be so happy to have beige walls.

Key ingredients for a meditation corner:

candles. all the candles you can get your hands on. ESPECIALLY the kinds with natural wood wicks that make a crackly fireplace-sound when you burn them. mmmm. be picky about the scents before you buy. burning a candle that smells amazing to you will change the vibe of your room and can lighten your whole mood.

incense. more mood changing, scent-inspired happiness. incense has a much stronger smell than candles you may be lighting, so I tend to only burn a mini stick once in a while and it’s enough for me, and I like it most when I really want to intensely center myself and focus on something, like journaling. also, super relaxing to watch the smoke dance up toward your ceiling. take deep breaths and just watch.

special objects that mean something to you. I have a music box my boyfriend gave me as a memory of our perfect trip to San Francisco 4 years ago. I also have a bunch of shells I’ve collected that I think are pretty.

figures of inspiring leaders. this is where my lil buddha and my buddha candle holder come in. when I look at them, they bring me peace and remind me to breathe and to trust. figures of Jesus or the Virgin Mary could also be inspiring for some.

a meditation pillow. this was just recently gifted to me by my friend and I am obsessed. I have gone without one for a long time so I don’t think it’s necessary, especially if your corner is carpeted, but I love how it really puts me in the right frame of mind to have some quiet time, and I really like the slight elevation it gives. somehow I feel like I am more open to the universe.

wall decorations. I imagine that my decorations will grow as the year goes on. right now I have inspiring images, some artwork, and two collages I have made…one was just for fun and one is my vision board! omg I love my vision board. so fun to make and so inspiring to look at. vision boards are a great way to remind yourself what you want and what you are working for.

My favorite part about my meditation corner is how it shifts and shapes itself as I do more, think more, and collect more. It’s ever-evolving, like I’m trying to be! And it’s unique to me and my preferences, with no intention of pleasing anyone besides myself. We all deserve that once in a while.

a cyclops seeks serenity

a cyclops seeks serenity

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"Stop wishing for it and start working for it." (via thedailypozitive)

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Stresses // Cures

Stresses // Cures



What an awesome way to use tumblr and our new #selfie culture to empower people and help erase mental health stigma!

I love it!!

Money-oriented meditations and affirmations sometimes make me feel weird (is it cool to say shit like “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly” to myself?? i feel like it isn’t) but I think this is a good one despite that. Most of it focuses on abundance in the sense of happiness, gratitude, and confidence. This would be a nice one to do tomorrow morning :)

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